Veni Sancte Spiritus – Day Seven

Come Holy Spirit. We wait with Apostles in anticipation for the gift of God’s Spirit to dwell in us. This Novena for Pentecost uses the words of our Foundress, St Magdalene of Canossa, to help us consider God’s working in our lives.

Enjoy! (note: If you missed previous days, scroll down and you’ll find them in reverse order.)

Day 7: “Today we shall live in the company of those Saints who accompanied Christ to Calvary and who were the most fortunate in receiving the Holy Spirit with the fullness of Hiss gifts. Let us ask the help of the Blessed Virgin Mary, for she is closest to the heart of God.”

Day 6:  “Today let us all together make a chain to attract the Holy Spirit to us. All of it will be finely wrought with acts of charity, prayer, ejaculations, holy desires and invocations. We shall ask the help of our Patron Saints, so that the Holy Spirit may descend in our hearts to set us aflame with the fire of his Love.”

Day 5:  “Today let us detest our miseries and our faults. These will admirably help us to open ourselves to the Holy Spirit who is charity itself and is pleased to be called Father of the poor, Giver of gifts and Light to our hearts.”

Day 4:  “With the scope of receiving the Holy Spirit and an abundance of his gifts, we ought to enlarge our hearts very much and be interiorly disposed in complete trust.  We should not entertain any hesitation, doubt, fear, scruple or diffidence, but take refuge in the Most Holy Heart of Mary.”

Day 3:  “Today we shall have recourse to the Holy Spirit and our task will be that of examining ourselves, weeping, praying and hoping. Our duties will be carried out with peace, and, should we realize that we have left our cenacle, let us return to it immediately without any disquiet.”

Day 2: “We shall try to examine ourselves seriously in order to discover even the least obstacle that might impede the coming of the Holy Spirit in us. But since we can do nothing on our own, we shall continually turn to the Heart of Jesus…or to the power of Mary and to her maternal compassion…”

Day 1:  “In imitation of the Apostles, let each of us withdraw to the Cenacle of our heart where Jesus frequently deigns to celebrate the Pasch by means of Holy Communion. We shall withdraw to that place to have an experience like the Spiritual Exercises. The director will be our conscience, enlightened by the Holy Spirit, attentive to our powers and sentiments which will never come out of retreat if not out of necessity or called by charity.”


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