Vocation, A Path of Joy

“There is a path which brings joy to the heart because it leads to the truth of who we are. It is to discover the way of Love which enhances our personality without exalting it. It is a humble yet unrelenting journey. It is to discover one’s vocation, that “something” which gives meaning to everything … and… in all things. Love reveals, brings hope, offers certainty, even in the struggle for we have finally found our place, our responsibility in life, who we are and how we can find fulfilment! This is the journey which each of us has made. It is to fall in love with God, making God’s interests our own. Gradually, God asks everything only to give us much more in happiness, in inner joy, in contentment that sets one free! We invite you to set out on this journey of discovery if you also are called to follow Jesus in serving the poor by living community to attain heaven together!”

Taken from our International Site.

This Path of Joy begins, by discovering God’s love for us, and knowing with certainty how much he loves:

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