A Vocation Prayer

Vocation Prayer of Discernment

Lord, in your divine wisdom
you see many ways to lead people.
If this is pleasing to you,
choose for me the way
in which you foresee I can best glorify you,
however high or low,
bright or dark, rich or poor it may be.
Lead me through the way you want for me,
without minding my suffering or dislikes,
as long as you stay with me,
lead me with your Love, Amen.

Offering Prayer of the Heart

by Saint Magdalene of Canossa

You can pray about your vocation here (give it a second to load).

A Message for You:


5 thoughts on “A Vocation Prayer

  1. amen.

    also, i love that song! and i love that it’s in spanish, and that i can understand almost all of it. maybe i will learn it and teach it to my students in MX this fall :)

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