A Day with the Poor

Sometimes, we take a moment from our busy lives to go and ‘serve the poor’. For example, at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, where our convent is located, there is ‘Feed the Hungry’ every Tuesday morning. The volunteers that participate are faithful as week after week, they feed hundreds, sending them away with some groceries for the week. But, what would it be like to spend a day caring for the needs of the poor in your midst? Imagine if that was what you did every day!

To help us understand what it would be like, lay missionary Federica Maifredi (her surname means ‘never cold’, which seems to fit her heart!) takes us through her typical day of working in one of our missions in Togo – Africa. She wrote of her experience for the Canossian magazine Vita Più (More Life):

The title of Federica’s story, ‘You will have the poor with you always,’ echoes the words of Jesus when the disciples rejected the woman’s use of ‘costly perfumed oil’, seeing it as a waste (Matthew 26:6-11). When I first read this story, I felt overwhelmed at how much suffering ‘Fede’ encounters on a daily basis, and how little at times she could do to alleviate that suffering…her time seeming wasted.  And yet, there is joy that emanates from her words.

The Story in its entirety is posted over at Sister Lisa Marie’s blog, Nunspeak. Enjoy!


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