A Day in the Life

After these Rules, which were formulated and drawn up from the virtues of which Our Lord Jesus Christ gave us a special example on the Cross, there now follow some regulations in order to have the entire management of the House organised in such a way that everything is directed to facilitate the practice of the above named virtues. (Unabridged Rule, p.53)

The Unabridged Rule included a timetable of the day of the Daughter of Charity. This is adapted to the apostolate of each house, but never in such a way as to loose the intention, to lead each Sister a balance of prayer and apostolate. The timetable for the Our Lady of Lourdes Communty is as Follows:

06:00    Rising

06:30    Lauds, followed by meditation

08:00    Celebration of the Holy Eucharist

08:40    Breakfast

09:00    Clean-up

09:15    Preparation for apostolates, Chores

11:30    Angelus, followed by main meal

12:15    Clean-up

13:00    Sisters depart for apostolates

17:00    Vespers, followed by meditation

18:00    Light Dinner

19:00    Apostolate and/or Study

21:00    Informal time together, sharing day’s events

21:30    Quiet, Private Prayer/Compline

10:00    Retiring for the night


The Community has lesson together each Friday, 16:00

The Community has a shared meditation on the Word for the following Sunday on Wednesday mornings, following morning prayer.

The Community prays the Rosary together Friday evenings, for the intention of vocations.

The community has recreation together on Friday and Sunday evenings, 20:00-21:00.


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